Sunday, December 18, 2011

How do you like my new look?

My new blog look came about by complete accident when I stupidly hit the wrong button on the design page and then couldn't figure out how to undo it!! So I pretty  much had to start all over again. It's pretty similar to before except I've now added in a few colours to match my book bug logo!
I hope you all like it, but I would definitely love to hear if you have other ideas. While I see lots of great things on other people's blogs, I generally don't know how to recreate them on my own, for example combining my logo with the blog name, when I do it the way blogspot tells you to, it doesn't blend but squishes into a corner! Maybe I need to start some webdesign classes! 
Anywho! Please leave a comment with your thoughts! 
Book bug wants to hear from you!

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