Monday, September 12, 2011

Harry Potter in the bathtub!

I am very particular about my books. I know people that love their books to looked dog-eared and therefore read while others would die if they even so much as slightly cracked the spine (how do they manage that by the way??). I am happy to bend the spine. But it ends there. I hate curled pages, fraying edges, no, I like my books to look neat and tidy. Well loved and well preserved. So how did Harry end up in the bath you ask?
My 2nd cousin (who is half my age!) was of course reading Harry Potter at the same time as I was. Wasn't everyone?! One of the new books had come out and she'd failed to get her copy so her mother asked me would I mind lending her it. Thankfully before I had time to respond she said, no, I remember what you're like with books, don't worry, I'll get her a copy. Cue, major sigh of relief from me.
And two nights later she was reading Harry Potter in the bathtub when she dropped the book. Yep! Into the tub! 
My Harry Potter book remains as it should. Her's is twice the size with mega wrinkly pages. Having said that, she hasn't done it again since!


Nikki-ann said...

Why oh why would somebody read a book in the bath?! I'm glad you didn't lend out your book... I'd have been gutted if I'd have lend anyone by book and it ended up in the bath!

Book Bug said...

I have to confess I used to do this too! I probably had a few near misses, but don't recall them now!