Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Harry Potter it ain't!

Now, let's be honest. If you saw this sitting on a bookshelf with a screaming "New Release!" banner overhead, would you actually bother to even pick it up? I actually don't know if I would...except for the author's name glaringly obvious at the top of the page. Perhaps this is deliberate, as to the natural eye, that's usually where we start - top to bottom.
Rather bland, gaudy colours, no picture...again perhaps these are all to demonstrate the differences between this book and the Harry Potter series, a stark contrast in JK Rowling's literary shift from childrens to adult fiction. A massive turnaroud from magic to politics (albeit in a sleepy village, somethings don't change).
I will of course be buying a copy. As a devoted HP fan, how could I not? But here's hoping it lives up to expectations, while perhaps unfairly heaped upon JK's shoulders, as her avid followers, do we really deserve anything less that awesome?

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