Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shelf Candy Saturday

This month, my Shelf Candy Saturday, brought to us by the fabulous Five Alarm Book Reviews, for which the idea is to share the cover of a book that we like, either due to the author, the illustrator or the photographer; is in keeping with our current festive season of Halloween!

So here is my Shelf Candy Saturday book cover: IT by Stephen King designed by David Argemi.

I have to confess that I haven't actually read the book. I first saw the film when I was about 13 or 14 (no, my parents didn't know!) and it scared the life out of me. I had nightmares for weeks. And I've probably watched it a further two times for good measure! I eventually decided I should read the book as books are always better (naturally!) but I think I got to about chapter 3 or 4 and was so scared I had to stop!!
I have never been able to think about clowns in the same way since. Nor can I walk past a street drain without expecting to see a clown face staring out at me, ready to grab me!
This cover definitely encapsulates everything about IT, from the scary clown face to the font used for IT. I'm sure Stephen King was as impressed by it as I am.


Anonymous said...

This cover has always scared the hell out of me. I think that clowns are creepy enough without the murderous eyes and sharp teeth, but this... Great pick for this week Halloween Shelf Candy.

Claire said...

That is one scary cover! I've never seen or read It, mostly because I'm already terrified of clowns :o

My first ever Shelf Candy post is here if you'd like a look :)

Book Bug said...

Thanks for the comments guys.
I love the whole meme thing as its such a great way to connect with other people, so thanks for the invite to this meme even if I don't always participate each week!
Claire - unfortunately I can't leave a post on your blog as google chrome doesn't let me comment when its embedded in the post (a problem all chrome users have). I always find it interesting to look at the different covers for the US and the UK, although I can never quite understand why they're different!

Steph said...

Creeeeeeeeepy! Icky clown! It is one of my favorite scary books. Great idea for a Halloween SCS!

Steph @ Steph's Stacks

kimberlybuggie said...

Thanks for the creepy cover! Perfect for the season! I love this cover and haven't seen it before. Awesome pick. I'm scared of clowns myself, even the happy fun harmless ones, but this cover... chills. :)

Book Bug said...

I'm loving that I'm not the only one who's scared of clowns!! at least scary ones like this! I imagine this book/film has ruined clowns for a lot of people!

BookStacksOnDeck said...

Super scary cover! You were brave hahaa-I saw a little bit of it when it aired on tv once & I was like NOOOOO... & had to change it to something else.

Book Bug said...

I've seen the film an few times in an attempt to actually watch the bits I'd skipped previously!! The only part I haven't seen is the water drain scene. Think that's quite sufficient!